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Accretion disks form around compact objects in binary systems when matter from the companion star falls into the gravitational influence of the comnpact object and forms a disk of gas and plasma that swirls about the object. Parts of this disk can get hot enough to emit x-rays.

Accretion Disk Theory

The justification for accretion power

Accretion in binary systems

Accretion disks

Accretion onto white dwarfs and neutron stars

Accretion onto black holes

Accretion disks in AGNs

Thick disks

Advection-dominated disks

Radiation-matter interactions in accretion disks

Self-gravitating disks

Turbulence in disks

Viscosity in disks

Magnetic fields in disks

Accretion Disk Observations

Advection-dominated disks

Optically-thick disks

X-ray binaries

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