Gamma Ray Burst (GRB) Web Page

GRBs are high intensity pulses of gamma rays from celestial sources. These seem to be evenly distributed throughout the sky and appear to be at cosmological distances.

GRB Theory

GRB simulation

Fireball shock model

Relativistic shocks

Afterglow models

Kinetic energy or magnetic domination in fireballs

Location of GRBs within fireballs

GRB emission mechanisms

GRB jets

Long bursts

GRB central engine

GRB environment

Reverse shock emission

Short GRBs

GRB evolution

GRB progenitors

GRB Observations

Spatial distribution of GRBs

Energy distribution of GRBs

GRB emissions

GRB afterglows

High energy photon emissions

Ultrahigh energy cosmic rays

Neutrino emissions

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