COW Group Preprints

"Heated Polar Caps in PSR 0656+14 and PSR 1055-52"
C. Greiveldinger, U. Camerini, W. Fry, C. B. Markwardt, H. Ögelman, S. Safi-Harb, J. P. Finley, S. Tsuruta, S. Shibata, T. Sugawara, S. Sano, and M. Tukahara (To appear in July 1, 1996 Astrophysical Journal Letters).

"X-ray Emission of Nova Puppis 1991: Accretion or a Shocked Shell?"
Marina Orio, Sölen Balman, Massimo Della Valle, Jay Gallagher, Hakki Ögelman. Submitted.

"PSR 1509-58 and its Plerionic Environment"
C. Greiveldinger, S. Caucino, S. Massaglia, H. Ögelman, and E. Trussoni. In the December 1, 1995 issue of the Astrophysical Journal (vol. 454, p. 855).

"ROSAT Observation of the Old Classical Nova CP PUPPIS"
Sölen Balman, Marina Orio, and Hakki Ögelman. To appear in August issue of the Astrophysical Journal Letters.

"An X-ray Jet from the Vela Pulsar"
C. B. Markwardt and H. Ögelman. Appears May 4, 1995, issue of Nature (vol. 375, p. 40). This is the original manuscript submitted to the journal and does not include the final changes by Nature editors.

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