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White dwarfs are characterized by the following traits:

Mass of the original star is "wdprop_1.gif".

Radius is "wdprop_2.gif".

Mean Density is "wdprop_3.gif".

Surface potential due to gravity is "wdprop_4.gif".




White Dwarf Theory

White dwarf properties

Fermion degeneracy

The Chandresekhar limit

Structure of white dwarfs

Surface structure of white dwarfs

Thermal evolution of white dwarfs

Polytropic approximation

Relativistic effects and white dwarfs

Stability of white dwarfs

White dwarf cooling and crystallization

Rotating white dwarfs

Magnetic white dwarfs

Brown dwarfs

White dwarf binaries

White Dwarf Observations

White dwarf observations

White dwarf masses and radii

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