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Re: keybaord input

In article <u6bto5ibv4.fsf@orthus.cvrti.utah.edu> Rob MacLeod 
<macleod@orthus.cvrti.utah.edu> writes:

> Simple, beginners questions, but I want to have some very basic control
> over a program via the keyboard.  For example, viewing a set of images and
> use "n" for next image "p" for previous, etc.  Widgets are overkill and
> more time than I am willing to commit.  But instead a command that waits
> for keyboard input, returns the value entered, which I then process inside
> the program.  Braindead stuff in any other language I have used but I
> cannot seem to find it in IDL (maybe it's me who is braindead on this one
> (-: ).

See the online help for GET_KBRD().


Stein Vidar