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Re: dongle licence problems

It's probably too late now but I had a similar problem under IDL 5.1 Windows 
NT4. It seems that if the information is entered incorrectly once, or the 
dongle is not in place, then even if the error is corrected IDL will continue 
to report an error until IDL and the computer is restarted.
I also had/have a conflict between my old QMS-810 (PS) laser printer and the 
dongle. If the printer is plugged in but not turned on then I can only run in 
demo mode, consequently I have to have the printer powered up whenever I want 
to use IDL.
One final dongle moan (whilst I'm on the subject) - if the dongle stops 
working (pulled out by accident, printer turned off, etc.) IDL gives me a 
"seven minutes to save work" warning and the application title changes to 
"demo mode". If I correct the problem the "demo mode" text disappears but 7 
mins later IDL terminates.
And I can't push my computer right back against the wall either.


In article <70a37i$6ca$1@info.abdn.ac.uk>, "Martin Downing" 
<m.downing@andn.ac.uk> wrote:
>Hi there,
>If anyone out there has a clue on this I'd be grateful for some help. (Being
>the weekend our UK support line is dead.)
>I have a desktop copy of 5.1.1 which uses a HASP dongle to validate the
>licence. I had IDL installed in "compact" mode for a few daays and all was
>well. I have since uninstalled IDL and reinstalled it in larger mode now
>that I have more diskspace. However now, and I have tried reinstalling 3
>times, when I
>enter the licence information I am told that it is incorrect.
>I 've triple-checked the info i am entering. Could this be the hasp dongle
>not responding, and is there any way of checking it?
>Any help appreciated
>Martin Downing
>Aberdeen, Scotland.