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Re: call_external for file I/O

David Foster wrote ...
>I'm wondering if what you are coming up against is a storage order
>problem, in which the elements of the array are being accessed in
>an order that is not optimal given the order of storage of the
>elements in memory. Ideally the dimension that varies fastest in
>memory should be incremented first.
>We've run up against this problem before, and have written a C
>routine to optimize access to a 3D array in memory. If you're
>interested in checking it out let me know.

Thank you, yes, I would like to take a look at that.

>You also might want to look into Eric Korpela's VARRAY utility
>that allows you to have memory mapped files:
> http://sag-www.ssl.berkeley.edu/~korpela/mmap/
> korpela@islay.ssl.berkeley.edu

VARRAY looks like a good implementation of what our map_file does,
and this site is a very good reference, thank you.  I want to work on
doing something like this with WindowsNT.  Eric's page says that it
should be straightforward to convert VARRAY to use Win32's...we'll

Thanks, Charlie Solomon
Raytheon Systems Co., El Segundo, CA