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Re: Finding "objects" in images

In article <F1GFxC.Lus@midway.uchicago.edu>, rivers@cars3.uchicago.edu (Mark Rivers) writes:
>I am looking for code to detect "objects" in images.  In this specific case I
>am looking for x-ray diffraction peaks in a CCD camera image, but the problem
>is general.  I have used the IDL Erode and Dilate functions to clean up the
>data, so that I have adjacent pixels with value=1 inside the "objects" and all
>other pixels=0.  I can easily make a list of all of the pixels which are
>inside the objects of interest.  There might be hundreds of such pixels.
>But I want to do is to find the objects themselves which contain these adjacent
>pixels.  There might only be a few such objects.  
>I am sure there are lots of people doing this: finding cells or stars or
>whatever in images, and getting shape information about them.

To answer my own post, I found a routine which does exactly what I want at:

It is called FIND.PRO, written by Wayne Landsman.  It was designed to find
stars in telescope images, but it works great for finding diffraction peaks
in diffraction images.

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