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Re: plotting and large data files

Note: A copy of this article was e-mailed to the original poster. 

David Ritscher (david.ritscher@bigfoot.com) writes:

> How does one handle plotting of data sets with many more points than
> one can plot on the screen or print on a laser printer?

> [Nice solution snipped.]

> 1. Is there any way to do something similar with a laser printer?
> Different laser printers have different mappings of pixels, sometimes
> even different mappings in the two directions (for example, higher
> resolution in the long axis of the paper).  How would I perform the
> above steps 1. and 2. with a laser printer?

At least for the PRINTER device in IDL you can (in IDL 5.1.1
and higher) get the pixel resolution of the default printer
with the GET_PAGE_SIZE keyword to the DEVICE command:

   Set_Plot, 'PRINTER'
   Print, thisPage

Presumably with this information you can perform the
same tedious tasks you are now performing for the display

I agree it would be nice to have this functionality built
into IDL.


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