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Re: IDL 5.2 crashes NT4???

I just got this response from RSI - have not yet tried it on a non-critical

RSI response:
While we have not been able to produce a crash of NT4 with IDL 5.2, we
are aware of some issues between some applications using a HASP and NT
SP4.  Our engineers are working on locating the source of the problem,
but it looks as though it is not in IDL, but instead, between the
operating system and perhaps a driver, or something else that might be
related to the HASP service.

To fix the problem, I understand that the following sequence of events
works. If you remove HASP services from your machine, and also remove
applications which use this service, and then reboot, the problem will
be fixed.  Be sure to reboot the machine without this service, and then
install and start the applications in question.  After you have done
this, reinstall the HASP service, start it up, and the problem should
not recur.  If it does recur, or if you have any questions, please let
me know.

Please include Attn: Rebecca in the subject of your email when sending
your reply.

Best Regards,

Rebecca Farb
Research Systems, Inc.
(303)413-3920 Support Desk
(303)413-3974 Direct

Mike Alport wrote in message <912428598.104584@Raven>...
>I have just had my upgrade (FTP'd from RSI) crash my NT4.0 server - running
>SP4. Crashes with a blue screen - with problem in HASPNT.sty (or suchlike).
>Removing the dongle did not fix the problem.  Otherwise I am running a
>perfectly respectable AcerEntra pentium and had no trouble with V5.1.
>I am scared to tempt yet another crash until someone can confirm this
>condition and fix it. I know I could probably recover with a ER disk - but
>hell, I don't like crashing my NT.
>My updrade CD has just arrived from RSI - do I dare try this?
>Mie Alport