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Re: fstat update

Justin Ashmall wrote:
> Thanks for the response; since we can't have the program creating the data on
> the same machine as the IDL machine I think we might try having the "data
> program" write the data file onto the IDL machine's hard drive, via the
> network.
> I think, however, that the problem isn't soley one of NFS (or equiv) update
> frequency since fstat reported the same file size every fews second for the
> whole 8 hour run!
> Thanks again,
> Justin

   We actually experienced something similar when we started to run IDL
on an SGI Origin 2000 machine. But in our case, it was definitively NFS,
because you could also copy files with some other machine on their hard
drives, and the SGI wouldn't catch up (which caused me run over quota a
couplke of times although I had deleted files). Our sys admin somehow
managed to fix this.

Short message: Try to find a test that is independent of IDL, then you
know at least who is to blame (and who should fix this).


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