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!P.MULTI + POSITION keyword problem

I just learned about the !P.MULTI variable and wanted to use it to put
multiple panels on a single postscript page.  The problem (I
discovered after much head scratching) is that each of my panels use
'tv' and 'plot' calls which require the POSITION keyword for alignment
(like David's 'imagebar' example in his book and for similar reasons).
Unfortunately, the POSITION keyword causes IDL to disregard the
contents of !P.MULTI (except for the first element).  I had hoped that
POSITION would be defined in terms of "virtual" Normalized Device
Coordinates for the current panel indicated by !P.MULTI, but this is
apparently not the case.  Is there a simple way to get the desired
effect without having to manually calculate new POSITION coordinates for
each panel?




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