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Bug/feature in matrix multiply


is the following a bug or feature?  I don't understand why changing the
type of the array changes the dimensions of the result.  Then again,
it's late on Friday, so my brain might just be mush.

IDL> junk=fltarr(3)  
IDL> junk=reform(junk,3,1)
IDL> help,junk
JUNK            FLOAT     = Array[3, 1]
IDL> help,[3.,2.,1.]#junk
<Expression>    FLOAT     = Array[1]
IDL> help,[3.d0,2.d0,1.d0]#junk
<Expression>    DOUBLE    = Array[3, 3]

this is with 
IDL Version 5.2 (sunos sparc). Research Systems, Inc.

Mark Fardal