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Re: Baffled by color postscript

In article <MPG.115074cdda275306989715@news.frii.com>, davidf@dfanning.com
(David Fanning) wrote:

> Kenneth P. Bowman (bowman@null.tamu) writes:
> > I think you can use *colors* in the "PLOT" part of the program, but not
> > 256^3 *different* colors (i.e., 24-bit).
> Exactly. And the question is "why not?". My usual clandestine
> sources are unusually quiet. :-)

Hi David,

I have it on relatively good authority (the RSI Support Tech who handled
my query some months back), that the PS device driver simply does not do
24-bit color except for bitmaps.  She confirmed this with the development

I don't believe that the PS interpreter in color printers has any problem
converting between RGB and CMYK.  It already does that for 8-bit color,
which is the same fundamental problem.

The problem is in the IDL device driver, not in the printer.

Regards, Ken

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