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Looking for a 3D "triangulate" equivalent

Hi everyone.

I have in the past used Triangulate to create adjacency lists for
irregular grids (centers of mass) in 2D. Now I have three dimensional
arrays, for which I need to do the same. There are many (some good, some
ugly) c/c++ routines out there that would perform delauney triangulation
on simplical vertices (finding minimal surface convex hulls), but unless
some have options that I don't know about, none that I know can give me
adjacency lists ("neighbors") for each point.

Does anyone know of such a routine, written in IDL (preferably, for ease
of use), or c for that matter? Where could I look for mathematical IDL
routines (in the future). I stop by the Johhs Hopkins library and David
Fannings (Hi David!) on occasion. What else is out there?