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Re: File pointer problem on PC-IDL

In article <7cpol7$k4h$1@nnrp1.dejanews.com>, Peter Mason <menakkis@my-dejanews.com> writes...
>landsman@stars.gsfc.nasa.gov (Wayne Landsman) wrote:
>> Basically, then internal file position is getting screwed up.    I open a
>> binary file, readu 2880 bytes, and find myself located 4095 bytes into the
>> file.
>Wayne, don't ask me why, but ask your remote user to include the switch
>/NOAUTOMODE in the OPEN call.
Peter, thanks for the info.  The IDL documentation certainly gives the 
impression that the Windows-only /NOAUTOMODE and /BINARY keywords to OPEN 
have an effect only when *writing* to a file.      I guess my example shows
that one has to be aware of flipping between "text" mode and "binary" 
mode, even when reading a existing file opened with OPENR.

--Wayne Landsman                             landsman@mpb.gsfc.nasa.gov