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Re: MORE FIELDS IN FSTAT() (Was: Getting File creation data/time)

Craig Markwardt <craigmnet@astrog.physics.wisc.edu> writes:

>David Foster <foster@bial1.ucsd.edu> writes:
>> Armand J.L.Jongen wrote:
>> > 
>> > Hi,
>> > 
>> > I am probably missing something completely but I am not able to find a
>> > function/routine to get a file creation data/time. 
>> <a workaround for Windows snipped>
>> Is it just me, or do others think that it would be really nice
>> if RSI added more fields to FSTAT() to deal with issues like this?
>> Without this, we have to resort to ugly nonportable workarounds.
>> Obviously the information available would depend on the OS, but
>> certainly file creation time/date would be universal!

>Yes, I agree 1000000L percent!


I'll also add my $0.02 worth in agreement.  Some of the recent messages in this
newsgroup suggest that improvements to FSTAT() might also be useful for pipe

William Thompson