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renaming idl-mode.el for GNU Emacs

Hi everyone,

I am in the process of becoming maintainer for the GNU Emacs mode for
IDL and WAVE CL files.  I am planning to rename the mode and would
like to discuss this here.

idl-mode currently does not work well on X/Emacs 20 when any C files
are being edited at the same time.  The reason for this is a name
clash with the "other" IDL Mode.  cc-mode.el, which is part of the
Emacs and XEmacs distributions defines a mode `idl-mode' for the
`Interface Definition Language' as part of the Common Object Request
Broker Architecture (CORBA).  This messes up the keymaps and
font-lock-keywords when both C and IDL .pro files are being edited.

The only clean solution for this problem is to rename "our" idl mode.
This is unfortunate since it requires every user of the mode to
update his/her customization related to the IDL mode.  However, there
is no other clean solution.

I therefore propose to change the prefix of all idl-mode and
idl-shell-mode related variables and functions from `idl' to

Any comments/vetos/better-name-suggestions?

- Carsten

Carsten Dominik <dominik@strw.LeidenUniv.nl>     \ _ /
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