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Re: Idea for an IDL numerical toolbox

Ok, now I think I have it....

With the assistance of the ftnchek utility, I have now
successfully generated several DLMs from f77 source files.

The script assumes that a *.for file and its *.dcl file
(generated with fntchek) is to be converted into a *.c file, a
*.f file (with no main program), and a *.dlm file.

Compiling the .c file and the .f file together into a
shareable object file makes the thing available for IDL, if
the IDL_DLM_PATH includes the directory.

It's a pretty "dumb" perl script, but it does the job for many
applications -- more info later (if I have the time, which I
really don't!), but for now you can take a look at



Stein Vidar