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Re: Documentation

"Richard G. French" wrote:

> What helpful suggestions can we give RSI about its documentation?
> Here is my list:

Have you recently checked RSInc's web site?  They are in need of people to
accomplish things like it, and with not enough people they can't go through
existing documentaiton and revamp it.  I almost quit reporting
documentation bugs to them - they keep including them in future
documentation, to be published in their new releases (they like it, too, if
you report glitches fully and provide the right way to write the
documentation; I wonder if they just copy-paste bug reports in their
manuals?).  Documentation in my opinion is the hardest part to create
properly.  I think we should pinpoint the problems (and possibly provide
solutions, because for us it is nothing - once you located a bug, you most
likely worked around to fix it) to RSInc, because they are unable to
implement full-scale changes based on our wish lists.
Thank you,