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Re: hexadecimal variables


Pavel Romashkin wrote:
> Hi,
> Is there a nice way to convert hexadecimal variables? Here's what I am
> trying to do:
> This is received from the outside.
>     h_string = '40000FC0DA'
> [...] Can anyone suggest a neater way
> to do this?  Maybe, there is a way to use Z-formatted READ here?

You've got it, using ReadS (read from string). It looks like you have five
bytes so you need a very long integer to store this, giving me the first
chance I've had to use IDL 5.2's new data types:

IDL> h_string = '40000FC0DA'
IDL> long64=0LL
IDL> ReadS, h_string, long64, Format='(Z0)'
IDL> help, long64
LONG64          LONG64    =           274878939354

Hope this works OK for you.


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