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Re: Global variables and IDL

David Foster wrote:

> <Deleted >
> I applaud your courage Martin! My name is David Foster, and I have
> been a common-block user...
> I think the idea of global variables would be very powerful, and the
> ability to have global pointers would be extremely useful in our
> applications. We have a series of programs that are run consecutively,
> on the same LARGE data-sets, and we use common blocks to store these
> data sets. We find this approach much faster than other possibly
> "cleaner" programming approaches, and for our purposes we would never
> want to have more than one instance of one of these programs running.
> If we did, we could certainly structure the common variables to
> accomodate this!
> If global variables were to be introduced into IDL, I would hope
> that we would also get some mechanism for limiting the visibility
> of these variables, some way to say "use this global variable" within
> a routine. Something similar to the EXTERN construct in C.
> Coming from a C background, my first impression of IDL was that it
> provides *very* limited control over scope and visibility of variables
> and function/procedure names.
> Dave
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As a long time IDL programmer I also admit to using common blocks for global variables.

Common blocks for widget programs are generally a bad idea, but, for variables with
universal scope in an application, common blocks allow the variable the necessary scope

while hiding them from the user.

RSI developed pointer variables as a replacement for handles but they suffer from the
that a user can be completely overwhelmed if he types: help, /heap and an application
has used
several hundred pointers.

My background is Fortran not C, but I totally agree with Dave that the ablility to
limit the scope
and visibility of a variable  should not be overlooked in the quest for global

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