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IDLDE help

Hello all,

I have a series of events in the IDLDE 5.2 WinNT 4.0 that keeps on
happening and is driving me crazy.  Can someone offer a solution?  I
have some data processing code that I need to walk through and figure
out what is happeneing in some of the steps.  So I set a break point.
I print out some variables, I plot some images, I hit F8 a couple
times, print and plot again.  Sometimes when I plot the images and
then start typing the focus revets back to my editor and not the
command line (which is stupid since I was in the command line in the
first place to plot the images). The problem is when I accidentally
change my code like this, then unchange it, then try to hit F5 to
continue running my processing it tells me "The file <filename.pro>
has not been compiled. Compile the file first!"  F8 works but not F5.
This is a new feature of IDL5.2 because I have always (3 years) done
my processing just like this and never had any trouble.  If there are
better ways to do what I am describing please let me know, because
like I said, it is driving me crazy.  
Lisa Bryan
Arete Associates
Tucson, Arizona