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Re: universal structure editor progress


I forgot to mention anything about how the code I just posted works.
I guess Real IDL Programmers (TM) would just read the code and figure
it out but since I am not one of those talented few, here is how it
works (in brief!).

Somewhere in your program you call structedit and pass it your structure

  structedit,info          ; pass structedit the 'info' structure

Structedit will show the structure tags and what they point to.
To decend into an array or a substructure click on "what it points to",
that is something in the second column, and pick "descend" from the
'file' menu.  This will pop up another window whose type depends on
what the substructure or array looks like.  If it is another structure
you will get another window just like the one already on the screen,
if it is a big 2-d array it will try to display it as an image, if it
is a small 2-d array it will show a spreadsheet, if it is a 1-D array
you will see a slider widget you can use to select entries.  If it is
higher dimension than a 2-D array you will get a widget that allows you
select a dimension-1 hyperplane, etc.  Appropriate subwidgets also
have the select and descend function.  A complex structure can fill your
screen with widgets.  Have fun! (remember, it doesn't edit anything

Any and all improvements, comments, whatever, are very welcome!


  -Dyer Lytle in Tucson
   Cassini ISS Software Engineer