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Experimental FAQ relocation (PROXY solution)

Hi all -

Due to the problems a few people have had with proxies that don't allow
communication with port 591, I've moved the FAQ to port 8000. Could those
with problems reaching the FAQ on 591, please try it on port 8000 and let
me know if you have any success? Here's a link to try:

Thanks to Glenn Cooper for suggesting a non-privileged port (ports above
1024 are non-priveleged).

If this doesn't work, I've already sent a request to my ISP to add a name
to a spare IP address and I'll serve the FAQ from that address.

Please keep the feedback coming so I can make this worthwhile for everyone.


Mike Schienle                                 Interactive Visuals, Inc.
mgs@ivsoftware.com                  Remote Sensing and Image Processing
http://www.ivsoftware.com/         Analysis and Application Development