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Re: array indices again

Henry Chapman wrote:
> Hi all,
> I remember a few weeks back there was a lot of discussion about indexing
> multiple dimensions of arrays, [...]

> It seems that by extending the 2-d array a into another dimension, where
> the extra dimension has no size (sounds like string theory!) the
> indexing works the way I want it to.  I noticed this when I had a 3-d
> array and was extracting a 2-d array from it, as in b[x, x, i] where x
> is a 1-d array and i is a scalar.  This seems to work on arrays of any
> dimension.
> I apologise if this was mentioned before,
> Henry.
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   nice feature! I was really astonished when I saw it works even for
non-equal dimensions:
     a = findgen(20,10) 
     x = indgen(10)*2
     y = indgen(5)*2

however, (a puzzle for the unexperienced IDL user):
will result in an error message... 



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