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Re: widget_list silliness

J.D. Smith <jdsmith@astrosun.tn.cornell.edu> wrote:
>IDL> b=widget_base()
>IDL> l=widget_list(b,xsize=20,ysize=10,value='')
>IDL> widget_control,b,/realize

>IDL> b=widget_base()
>IDL> l=widget_list(b,xsize=20,ysize=10)
>IDL> widget_control,b,/realize
>IDL> widget_control,l,set_value=''

>Under linux 5.2 I get a small list with a tiny selectable entry for the
>first method, and a regular sized (10 regular text columns high)  list
>with a tiny entry for the second. 

Under { alpha OSF unix 5.2 Oct 30 1998} I get your same silly behaviour.

- William

William M Connolley | wmc@bas.ac.uk | http://www.nbs.ac.uk/public/icd/wmc/
Climate Modeller, British Antarctic Survey | Disclaimer: I speak for myself