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Re: Problem with non-modal children of modal dialogs

Phillip wrote:

> My solution so far has been to
> stick with the IDL 4.0 convention to XManager that allows non-modal
> children of modal dialogs (although there appears to be no way to close
> them except by closing the modal dialog).  Does anyone know of a better
> way to handle this?

Yes. Make RSI change the way modal widgets work :-) 

This may in fact be quite difficult, I'm not really sure to
what extent the current modus operandi is determined by the
architecture of the different window managers/window systems.

Note that I'm using the term "modal widgets", not "modal
dialogs". Using the buzzword "dialog" was probably what tricked
RSI into using the current solution. A dialog is essentially a
braindead thing consisting of a question and a yes/no/maybe
answer, and as long as an *application* needs to get an answer
to that question before going on with its work, it's ok if 
the rest of that *application* is frozen.

But IDL has the potential to function almost like an "operating
system" in some settings - with most of the work being done
going on within IDL, running several different (not necessarily
related) widget applications. Some applications will at times
spawn *complex* sub-applications that need to be modal - i.e.
the calling application needs to be frozen until the
sub-application finishes its task.

But how would *you* react if e.g. your word processor used some
braindead "dialog" to ask you whether or not to save your file,
and that suddenly blocked all other funcions on your
computer..? Just won't do, will it?

I'm not sure I understand exactly what you mean by "there
appears to be no way to close them except by closing the modal
dialog", though...?


Stein Vidar