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Re: idl on laptop linux

Gary Fu (gfu@seadas.gsfc.nasa.gov) wrote:
: Any suggestion or recommendation on running idl pseudo color (8 bits,
: 1024x768 resolution) mode on a laptop linux system ?

  The only "gotcha" we currently hit our (my) head against in this type
  of setup is the fact that the Globetrotter software RSI uses for their
  license manager, requires an ethernet card.  On a laptop, this means
  that you must either always have your ethernet PC card installed, or
  get a new "genver" number from RSI every six months.  Having the PC card
  installed does drain the batteries faster.  Things can get further
  confused if you want to keep your ethernet card in, but set up a PPP
  connection from a remote site (this means that you suddenly have two
  network connections and you have to watch your step).

  Of course, I prefer this setup to having to use a dongle. :)

				- Tony Ferro


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