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Improved plotting of DOUBLE data

There was a discussion here recently about the limitations of PLOT
because it converts it's arguments to single precision. I just stumbled
across the following interesting routines at the PV-WAVE website, which
seem to work fine under IDL5:


For example, to show the limitations of PLOT in IDL5:

x = dindgen(10)
y = x*0.0001d + 1000d
plot, x, y, /ynozero, ytickformat='(f10.4)'
oplot, x, y + 0.0001d

Now try PLOT_DBL (which normalizes the data):

plot_dbl, x, y, /ynozero, ytickformat='(f10.4)'
oplot_dbl, x, y + 0.0001d

It seems to work reasonably well in the few examples I've tried.


Liam E. Gumley
Space Science and Engineering Center, UW-Madison