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Re: object suggestion for future IDL versions

John Persing (persing@frii.com) writes:

> I don't know if anybody else has had this problem, but it occurs with
> objects that take advantage of inheritance.  The object may take advantage
> of the inherited methods by using the notation
> self->method_name, arg1, arg2, etc
> But if the new object redefines any of the inherited methods (for example
> "assign"), it cannot make reference to the inherited method.  

Not so. If a method is called on an object, IDL searches the
current class for a method of that name. Failing to find it,
IDL search all the inherited classes in the order in which they
are inherited for the method. 

Providing a method of the same name of a superclass method
is called method overriding and is supported by the above
mechanism. But you can always call a specific superclass
method by directly specifying the superclass name in the 
method call.

> PRO dat_new__define
> struct = {dat_new, time_stamp:'', INHERITS dat_old}
> can define our new object.  Ideally, I think, we would want to extend the
> assign method like this
> PRO dat_new::assign, field_string, value
> self->assign, field_string, value
> self.time_string = STRING(SYSTIME())

You have it almost right. But the ASSIGN method should be
called like this:

   self->DAT_OLD::assign, field_string, value


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