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Re: For which versions of RH Linux does IDL 4.01b work?

Lev Tarasoff wrote:
> I've got a linux version of IDL 4.01b that was set up
> on RedHat Linux 4.0. However, I have just upgraded my
> PC workstation to Redhat 6.0 (2.2.5-15 kernel) and I
> can't even get the IDL install routine to work. Is
> there any way to make it work on this version of RH linux?
> If not, what is the most recent version of RH linux that
> could be made to work with IDL 4.01b?

If you want to stick with Redhat 6.0, you'll need to upgrade to IDL 5.2,
which you can download from ftp://ftp.rsinc.com/pub/idl/unix/

To get IDL 5.2 to work under Redhat 6.0, a patch is required. The
instructions below were posted by Olivier Archer
(mailto:oarcher@ifremer.fr), and have been used here successfully for
two different Linux systems.

---start quote---

Here's another way to get around the problem.
The goal is to define the setfpucw function

void __setfpucw(void)
void __libc_init(void)
void _dl_symbol_value()
Compile it:
#gcc -fPIC -c __setfpucw.c 
#ld -shared -o __setfpucw.so -assert pure-text __setfpucw.o 
define the LD_PRELOAD environnement variable before launching
#export LD_PRELOAD=/?/?/__setfpucw.so

---end quote---


Liam E. Gumley
Space Science and Engineering Center, UW-Madison