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Re: When should objects be used?

Pavel Romashkin (promashkin@cmdl.noaa.gov) writes:

> I am adding my humble opinion to the words of experts above - to say that I have
> not had a need yet to write my own objects (and, therefore, don't know how to do
> that :-).  The only objects I use are graphics objects.  The reason I preferred to
> use object graphics was not the ease of positioning, etc. but  the need to re-use
> the data plotted.  Direct graphics is way faster than RSI supplied object graphics
> to plot or print.  However, I came finally to the point where I plotted the data
> that were a result of quite complex pre-processing, and that data were to be
> further modified, but visual inspection was needed.  It was in a widget
> application, many intermediate variations were possible.  And the data in direct
> graphics is lost, once you plotted it, unless you specifically store it somewhere.

This posting from Pavel makes me realize that I probably
didn't emphasize enough that the kinds of plot, contour, 
and image objects I was talking about in my previous article
are definitely, emphatically NOT object graphics! 

I'm was talking about direct graphics objects that have all
the advantages of object graphics objects, but are fast to
display and will give you wonderful hardcopy output without
waiting beside the printer for half the afternoon. :-)



P.S. I can't imagine anyone EVER using the object graphics
contour object in a real program. At least not in its present
condition. :-(

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