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Wrapper for WIDGET_DRAW

In this object/direct graphics thing that I'm doing, I've created all
my own direct graphics destination objects. The window object takes a
draw widget ID and is then bound to that. I would really like it
though if I could have a wrapper for WIDGET_DRAW, whereby if
GRPHICS_LEVEL is set to 0, then direct graphics and GET_VALUE returns
a window number, 1, object graphics and GET_VALUE retruns an
IDLgrWindow object and 2, obj/direct graphics and GET_VALUE returns an
DERAgrWindow object.

The problems I am having is that the user still wants to be able to
use Widget_Control to what they think is a draw widget. They don't
want what they think is a draw widget to be in fact a base. I can't
think of any way to store the object I create and the information
about it. 

Can anyone think of a way to do this?