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Leaving the IDL World for Now

Fellow IDL-ers:

I have accepted another position where they do not *currently* use
IDL, so I will probably not be very active on this newsgroup in the
near future. Of course, one of my first tasks will be to convince
my new supervisor that they really NEED IDL!!

I just wanted to say that I have always been extremely impressed
with this newsgroup, more so than any other. And not just because of
the knowledge base, which is really amazing, but also the maturity,
respect, and outright concern people here have for others in the
earlier stages of their struggles with IDL. Everyone here appreciates
that no matter where we are, we have all followed similar paths.

I have learned a lot from this group, and I've really enjoyed
passing along what little bit I could to others.


Dave Foster

PS. You can still access my FTP site for routines generally
related to widget interfaces, image processing, and brain imaging:


  New Info:
    David S. Foster         Univ. of California, San Diego
     Programmer/Analyst     Dept. of Neuroscience