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Re: Passing zero as a Parameter/ NOT KEYWORD_SET

J.D. Smith wrote:
> That's a bit dangerous. [...]
Indeed ;-)
> The best way to proceed is pretend keyword_set() was really 
> named is_defined_and_non_zero().  Forget that it's called 
> keyword_set(). 
In fact it is "is_defined_and_uneven" !
Just try to pass var=2 into a routine and print keyword_set(var). Hope,
David will take notice of this in his article.

Another marginal point about setting default values: I recently learned
from someone's code (cannot remember whose), to use
   if (n_elements(var) ne 1) then var=default
instead of 
   if (n_elements(var) eq 0) then var=default

The advantage being that you can prevent program crashes when someone
passes a vector or array in what is supposed to be a scalar.

And, finally: Use keyword_set when you want to make sure the value of a
boolean flag is defined:
     flag = keyword_set(flag)
Then, later in the code, it's just
     if (flag) then ...
Or value = x+y*(flag), etc. which would crash otherwise.


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