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Re: How to pass the slider value?

Leonid Syrkin (lsyrkin@yahoo.com) writes:

> I am writing a widget program that can display multiframe images. I
> created tlb widget and several children widgets. One of them 'cine'
> should display animation. I would like to have an opportunity to change
> the speed of this animation. I tried to make 'slider' widget as a child
> of 'cine' and to pass the value from widget_slider structure back to
> 'cine'. I tried to assign UValue=speed in 'cine' and pass event.value of
> the sliders event_structure to the speed in slider's event handler. As
> well I tried to pass speed trough tlb' info. I did not have a success in
> both cases. I suppose it is a very basic task and could be resolved with
> some very easy way but I cannot find it.
> Can anybody explain me how to pass slider's value into the parent vidget
> or send me any easy example with something similar?

This is a question that has come up a couple of times.
I've updated my XMOVIE program with a slider that will 
allow the user to set a delay for the movie frames. XMOIVE,
some of you will recall, shows the correct way to write an
animation sequence in a widget program.



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