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Re: Newbie: Some more advice needed

Mohit Singh (msingh2@Bayou.UH.EDU) writes:

> I am new to IDL and have gone through the posts on this newsgroups
> in addition to my reading of the IDL manuals. I have found the 
> discussions to be very informative and the wide variety of things 
> people are doing with IDL makes me pat myself on the back for 
> joining the IDL users group. 

You are in the right place and in good hands. Welcome. :-)

> I have learnt a lot of syntax with reference to my own needs. I 
> am trying to plot an isosurface in 3D using slicer3. The matrix is 
> 50x50x50 with 1 representing solid and 0 representing pore. The exact 
> commands I issued are listed below. In the end some sort of floating
> underflow is happening. However, slicer3 shows the isosurface in perfect
> shape. Just when I try to save the image as a TIFF file using the slicer3
> pull down menu, some major errors occur. Is it because my computer (NT4.0, 
> 128Mb RAM) is running outta memory?

No. It's because whoever wrote Slicer3 made a silly, but common
programming error. 

> % XMANAGER: Caught unexpected error from client application. Message follows...
> % Variable is undefined: TEMPORARY.
> % Execution halted at:  VIZ3D_EVENT      5019 e:\RSI\IDL52\lib\slicer3.pro
> %                       XMANAGER_EVLOOP_STANDARD  471 e:\RSI\IDL52\lib\xmanager.pro
> %                       XMANAGER          699 e:\RSI\IDL52\lib\xmanager.pro
> %                       SLICER3          6329 e:\RSI\IDL52\lib\slicer3.pro
> %                       $MAIN$                 

Go to line 5019 in the Slicer3 program (it's in the IDL52/lib directory)
and change those square brackets on the TEMPORARY function to
parenthesis. Re-compile and you will be back in good shape. :-)


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