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Re: linkimage difficulties: mixed case and multiple libraries

Fred Knight wrote:
> I'd appreciate hearing about solutions to these problems.
> 1. I can't get linkimage to use a mixed-case function name under Solaris 2.
> Here's a simple test:

The documentation for LINKIMAGE says, for the 5th argument (Entry) :

 If Entry is not supplied, LINKIMAGE will provide a default name by 
 converting the value suppled for Name to lower case and adding any 
 special characters (leading or trailing underscores) typical of the 

So, use the fifth argument:

 name = 'oct__Fli'
 image = '/usr/lib/libC.so.3'
 type = 1                        ; function

> 2. I can't get linkimage to work when symbols aren't completely resolved in one
> library.  

If the DSO is dependant on another library which IDL itself does not use
then it 
must be included on the link command. This adds the library to the
runtime library 
dependency list. You may also need to use LD_LIBRARY_PATH to tell the
run-time linker 
where to search for this library (on Solaris this isn't necessary as you
can specify 
a runpath on the link command (-Rpath:path) which will be used).

> Possibly
> answers to these questions are in the "Advanced Development Guide," which I
> don't have, but I can't find any answers in the linkimage description in the
> "Reference Guide."

Are you sure you don't have the ADG?. It comes with IDL on the CD (at
least it does with
IDL 5). If you installed IDL help you should have it.

> Thanks, Fred
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