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Re: Problem: Filled contour Plots

Amit (amit99@my-deja.com) writes:

> I have been trying to make contour plots where some of the levels are
> filled either with lines or with a solid color, with limited success.
> I am using map_set to define a grid and plot gridded data over the
> globe. My plotting instructions are as follows:
> contour,indata,lon,lat,/overplot,nlevels=3,c_orientation=[45,45,0]
> sometimes it works and sometimes I get the error message:
> Internal error: Border sort.
> With some of the datasets I try to plot, even though all my datasets
> have exactly the same format. I also get the same error message if I
> try to specify the levels I want to plot with levels=[...]
> Any Insights ?

All I know is that it is hopeless to get filled contour
plots to work correctly if you use the NLEVELS keyword. :-(

See these articles:




P.S. With filled contours and map projections it doesn't
ever hurt to have the very latest version of IDL, either. :-)

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