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Re: Easy way to make hard copies at full printer resolution

I have an animal that does the trick (call it plotw), but it is not
fully tamed.  It accepts overplots, it can change scales, delete
plot components, do simple geometric transformations, plot in
rect/polar, replot, print, send to ps, return cursor positions,
accept parent widgets, etc.

In addition, this is a routine that organically grew, and is
in need of a re-write.  And there are definitely bugs.  I started
sketching a new one at home, but
it is going slowly.

However  I do not have a place where to post it.
Thus, to make it public, I would need the following assistance:
Somewhere where to place it, and also, a beta tester.  This person
would have to do a couple of trial runs to make sure that I did ship all
the routines that
plotw needs.  For example, it uses a linked list object among others.

So it would take a few tries untill the package is self-sufficient.

Any helpers?


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