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Re: Concatenate elements of string array

kluegel@lanl.gov wrote:
: Does anyone out there have a clever idea on how to
: concatenate all elements of a one dimensional array
: of strings?

I don't know how clever this is, but it worked for me:

IDL> string_array=['one ','string ','split ','into ','many ','array elements']
IDL> help,string_array & print,string_array
STRING_ARRAY    STRING    = Array[6]
one  string  split  into  many  array elements
IDL> byte_array=byte(string_array)
IDL> byte_array=reform(byte_array,n_elements(byte_array))
IDL> byte_array=byte_array[where(byte_array ne 0)]
IDL> one_string=string(byte_array)
IDL> help,one_string & print,one_string
ONE_STRING      STRING    = 'one string split into many array elements'
one string split into many array elements

PLEASE would someone outside of gsfc let me know if you see this!
I've been having all sorts of trouble posting lately.

-- Gwyn F. Fireman
-- General Sciences Corporation / MODIS Characterization Support Team
-- Gwyn.Fireman@gsfc.nasa.gov   301-352-2118