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Xwindow, TVimage and PostScript fonts


I have been playing around with David Fanning's example programs to 
see if I can snatch a few ideas for my next project. BTW, Xwindow is a 
fantastic program.

One thing that I need is a plot of an image with axis and a colorbar that 
easily can be printed to high quality PostScript. 
Easy, I thougth. Use xwindow, tvimage and colorbar as in the following

;------------- Start hurrah.pro -------------------

PRO hurrah, image, Xxx=xxx, Yyy=yyy
  pos = [0.05, 0.1, 0.8, 0.9]
  tvimage, image, position=pos
  !p.position = pos
  plot, xxx, yyy, /xsty, /ysty, /nodata, /noerase

  colorbar, position=[0.85, 0.1, 0.95, 0.9], /VERT, /RIGHT
END  ;------------ hurrah.pro ----------------------

image = hanning(64) # hanning(64)
xwindow, 'hurrah', image*200, Xxx=[0,1], Yyy=[0,1], /Out

END ;-------------- main.pro ----------------------

This works except one detail: 
How do I get readable fonts (i.e. PostScript and NOT Hershey fonts) on the PS output?

I know this post should be sent directly to David Fanning but he answers all the questions on
this newsgroup anyhow :-)

Any suggestions.