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Contour plot over 3D surface


I'm working on a program to map electrical potentials over the surface
of the head. I have data at discrete points (electrode locations) and
the 3D coordinates of those locations. I'd like to interpolate those
potentials over the 3D surface formed by those points and generate a
contour plot of the potentials in 3D space using IDL. In looking through
the IDL docs, I don't see a quick and easy way to do this. I know that I
can generate triangles and then apply a color to each vertex, but I
can't find any way to get an actual contour plot.

So, I'm about to set about writing my own code, but I thought I'd check
and see if anyone out there has code or knows of code to do this. Any
help would be greatly appreciated.

Dan Fletcher
UCD Vet Med