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XFWINDOW 0.6 - One-Touch IDL Printing on Unix

I am pleased to announce and make available XFWINDOW and XFILTER.
This package makes it very easy to print the contents of an IDL
graphics window --- just the click of a single button!

When you run XFWINDOW, a normal IDL graphics window appears, adorned
with a few extra buttons. You can perform all of your normal
interactive IDL analysis using the standard IDL graphics commands.
When you find a plot you like, simply press the "Output" button to
make a printout.  One-Touch printing indeed.  No more SET_PLOT or
DEVICE commands.

This is version 0.6, released to iron out any remaining bugs and
encourage interest.  Download it here:

I think Unix people are really going to like this because it takes a
whole lot of hassle out of making interactive plots.  I played a lot
of tricks and broke a lot of rules in writing this, so enjoy.  Because
of my trickery XFWINDOW is unfortunately not compatible with every
system, as detailed here.

COMPATIBILITY: XFILTER, the underlying library that powers XFWINDOW,
works only on certain architectures (Unix only at present).  You must
be running:

  * IDL 5.1 or higher;
  * SunOS, Solaris Sparc, DEC Unix/OSF/Tru64, Linux, or SGI IRIX.

Precompiled binary library modules are included for all of these

Sorry, but Windows, Mac, IBM AIX and HPUX are not supported. However
if you want to try your hand at porting to an unsupported platform I
would be willing to consult with you. Also read the file COMPILING in
the distribution.  [ Don't worry.  I don't have a Windows grudge.
Well, not much of one anyway.  I just don't have access to Windows
machines. ]

Full installation, users' documentation, and programmers'
documentation are included in the distribution.  The source code
itself is available under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Once again, enjoy!


Craig B. Markwardt, Ph.D.         EMAIL:    craigmnet@cow.physics.wisc.edu
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