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Re: Multiple threads

Hi David,

Ha ha ha ha, ho ho ho, hee hee hee !

Sorry if that sounded flippant. We have an 8 processor Sun space heater (at
least that's the function of 7 processors when we use IDL). The answers to
1. and 2. are basically when hell freezes over. I don't know the answer to
because I don't use slicer3 but based on the answers to 1. and 2. I'm sure
could make an educated guess. Since the budget patrol would simply not
find this an acceptable use of such expensive hardware we've had to write
most stuff in C and C++ (using threads and the MPI library) that is called
by IDL. The only reason we use IDL on that machine is because nobody
has time to rewrite our interface code.

If your interested in how we've implemented this stuff send me some email.

> My department is thinking of buying a new Sun system. We are considering
> buying a dual processor system. However, to take full advantage of this
> I need software that can be run as a multithread.
> 1. Can IDl be written to take advantage of multithread processing?
> 2. If so, how is this accomplished, i.e does anyone have any example
> code?
> 3. Can IDL's slicer3 use multithreads when rendering?
> Thank in advance
> Dave Brennan

-- KY

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