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gaussfit question


I have a 2D dataset representing a surface (intensity plot of x-ray
scattering data)
and i like to fit these data with GAUSS2DFIT() function which does not work.
So I tried  to  fit one line  of the dataset wit GAUSSFIT which does not
work either.

This it is confusing to me because other math computer programs
have no problem with this simple curve.
Is there something I have to consider?



IDL> y=[52.0,52.7,56.0,60.9,65.40,71.40, 75.20,
101.3,97.2,92.1,87.4,87.0,82.5,77.4,69.9,67.7, 62.1, 58.9, 53.4,53.8]
IDL> x=findgen(37)
IDL> yfit=gaussfit(x,y,a)
% Compiled module: GAUSSFIT.
% Compiled module: POLY_FIT.
% Compiled module: CURVEFIT.
% Program caused arithmetic error: Floating underflow