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Re: undefined keyword variables

In article <MPG.128617e7f136424a98992c@news.frii.com>, davidf@dfanning.com (David Fanning) writes:
>Mati Meron (meron@cars3.uchicago.edu) writes:
>> >Well, because you expect decent programmers to test any
>> >variable they expect to receive and define default values
>> >if one is not passed in. (As well as testing for data type
>> >and structure, but who among us does this except under
>> >exceptional conditions?)
>> >
>> That's where you need function like my Default, which does both.
>And that function is ... where, Mati? For those of us
>who have forgotten to bookmark your very useful collection
>of programs.
At the moment, the most updated version of what I've is on 
cars3.uchicago.edu.  You can get there through anonymous FTP, then CD 
to MIDL and download everything is sight (strongly recommended, if you 
download anything, download it all, since whatever routine you take 
will be calling other ones.

Mati Meron                      | "When you argue with a fool,
meron@cars.uchicago.edu         |  chances are he is doing just the same"