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Re: Prevent color flashing

Pavel Romashkin <promashkin@cmdl.noaa.gov> writes:
> "Patrick L. Nolan" wrote:
> > The colors flash in the most annoying way when the cursor
> > moves in and out of the IDL window.
> Does not this indicate that either tracking events or widget_draw mouse
> movement events accidentally got turned on?

This is interesting, since I have exactly the opposite problem from
Patrick.  My XFWINDOW procedure, when started on a color-starved 8-bit
display, *doesn't* flash the colors.  The window does have a draw
widget and enables tracking events.

The end result is that the widget gets stuck with the same ridiculous
color table no matter where I have the mouse cursor.  [ Of course if I
have enough colors to begin with everything is fine. ]

Pray, what do tracking events and color map flashing have in common?


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