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Re: plot (x,y,z) triplets as a surface?

Andrew <noymer@my-deja.com> writes:

>    Is there any way to read (x,y,z) triplets into IDL and make a
> surface?  Sorry if this is a terrible newbie question.

Hmm... Does this work?

; Open and read data
openr, 50, 'file.dat'
triples = fltarr(3,ntriples)
readf, 50, triples
close, 50

; Plot data.  NX * NY = NTRIPLES
surf = reform(triples(2,*), nx, ny)
surface, surf

The key point is the reform expression, which takes the third
component of the triplet (triple(2,*)) and then reforms it into a 2D

If you have irregular sampling or non-rectangular coverage then
obviously things start getting more difficult...


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